Month: November 2015

An enlightened response to terror

Those who will make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities


During my studies I had the pleasure of working at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Nottingham. Out of the dozens of people and nationalities working there, I seemed to connect best with this guy Adhil, who was an Indian Muslim. At first I was quite surprised that someone would actually pray five times a day. I didn’t mind it of course. He didn’t mind me not praying at all.

Like many others,  he was in the UK for a work placement and eventually returned to Ahmadabad. I believe he married a woman he had met once before. He was also curious about me living together with my girlfriend and not being married. I told him about a saying we have in Finland – ”Never buy a pig in a bag.” He considered the approach pragmatic. (more…)