The world overshoot day – are we consuming 1,5 planets a year?

I suppose it is common knowledge these days to remind ourselves that today is the day when “humanity has exhausted nature’s budget for the year.” In other words humanity spends earth’s annual biocapacity’s worth of resources in only a bit over eight months. Moreover, the time required to reach this point takes less and less time each year.

overshoot (more…)


Humanity has been making love, not war, for some time now

The following sentence might send the parts of your brain that hold the rein on your cognitive dissonance on a flurry but I will say it in any case. Humanity is living its most peaceful time. Ever. The chances that you will be a victim of a violent crime or casualty of a conflict are lower than ever.

It is true that humans have got better and more efficient at killing each other over the history but it is also true that we have come better at restraining ourselves from committing our aggressive impulses.

In this post I will examine the reasons for such developments.

The main content for this entry comes from a book that I have been reading on and off for a year and finally finished last week – Steven Pinker’s Better Angels of our Nature. He argues the world has never experienced as peaceful times as these (relatively speaking). According to Pinker, there are several factors behind this wildly positive development but I will focus on three themes. But let us start with the numbers first.Rates of violence (more…)

Why economic growth is important for sustainability?

My brother visited South Korea some years ago. He brought me a plastic toy diver (below) that worked with a pair of AA-batteries. The toy made some awkward jerking kicking motions I assume had something to do with underwater propulsion. I thought human dignity had reached rock bottom. We seriously couldn’t come up with anything better to do than build diving action figures? I admit though, that it was funny to imagine (in a self-loathing way) what the people working in the toy-diver-factory thought of the world around them and about the people buying the pointless things in the first place.

Pointless toy diver


The Efficient Revolution

The efficient revolution is my attempt to write a ‘crowd sourced’ book about the story how humanity has been able to cut its chains of virtual slavery to the finite boundaries of earth. The success has been achieved via circumventing those boundaries with efficiency – by getting more out from less. Moreover there is plenty of evidence suggesting that this will be the way we can escape our current predicament. (more…)