An enlightened response to terror

Those who will make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities


During my studies I had the pleasure of working at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Nottingham. Out of the dozens of people and nationalities working there, I seemed to connect best with this guy Adhil, who was an Indian Muslim. At first I was quite surprised that someone would actually pray five times a day. I didn’t mind it of course. He didn’t mind me not praying at all.

Like many others,  he was in the UK for a work placement and eventually returned to Ahmadabad. I believe he married a woman he had met once before. He was also curious about me living together with my girlfriend and not being married. I told him about a saying we have in Finland – ”Never buy a pig in a bag.” He considered the approach pragmatic. (more…)


Should we adopt GMOs?

Before I dive into my latest entry, I would like to use this chance to thank the British taxpayer for subsidizing the education of millions of people around the world via their greatest export product – the British Broadcasting Corporation. In fact, it was the BBC that inspired me to write this particular piece.

Some time ago I was listening to a BBC-podcast called ’the world history in 100 objects’. The episode centered around the significance of corn for the Central American culture. Apparently, before certain genetic mutations took place, corn was quite inedible for humans. It took countless further mutations (both random and deliberate) from countless of generations of Central American farmers to develop the plant into its current variety. However, when the journalist/narrator asks a Mexican restaurant owner what he considers the biggest threat to his native culinary culture he mentions genetically modified organisms or GMOs. “It is not our place to play god”.