Is population growth a problem?

There’s a good chance that if you’ve heard of Hans Rosling‘s name you are not as worried over population growth as the average person. If you haven’t, you are likely to think that the earth is being swarmed by people. The typical conundrum goes along the lines that we are overcrowding the planet with an ever increasing speed as if there was no tomorrow. Moreover, you probably believe that in order to prevent a global population bomb from exploding it is necessary to implement strict measures, such as the Chinese one child policy. When you look at the below graph it is difficult to disagree with such musings. (more…)


In praise of first world problems

I have come to appreciate first world problems. I know, they are banal and pointless yet in some rare cases, when the victim doesn’t appreciate the irony and is genuinely sorry for him/herself, the comedy can be priceless.